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Our Solutions

Our Promise

  • To provide physical and emotional support to service users and their families
  • To match each support worker as closely as possible
  • To ensure that service users continue to receive high quality care that is effective, safe equally regardless their age, racial origin, cultural background and gender
  • To ensure that written information of the procedures for handling complaints, comments and compliments are given to the service user and guidance on how to use it
  • To monitor the quality of care delivery and act promptly
  • Protect service users and staff from abuse, neglect and self-harm
  • Provide privacy to all service users in their own bedrooms or houses when attending to their personal hygiene needs
  • To deliver a quality service to enrich people’s lives and support each service user to feel able to live a full life and feel confident when planning how they wish their care to be delivered
  • To ensure regular staff meeting are held.
  • Respecting the unique and individual contribution that each of our staff members makes
  • To fully adhere to all local authority, regulatory and local guidance on safeguarding.
  • To undertake a risk assessment of environment, health and safety hazards and form a detailed care plan including risks to health within the home of each service user before, during and after commencing the service
  • To work in accordance with Support Plans as provided by the Service for whom we provide agency staff
  • To ensure our staff are fully aware of all policies and procedures relating to the service that we provide staff to for short term / long term solutions
  • To provide skilled qualified nurses and care workers to service users and clients to assist and support them in promoting independence and preserving quality of life
  • To provide a focused value for money service that is reliable and responsive to client’s needs and preferences while offering the highest standards of care.
  • To build solid, long term working relationships with our clients, whilst ensuring we are flexible to needs and constantly improving our service through continuous training and bearing in mind the regulatory authorities

Why Choose Us

We aim to provide an excellent standard of care to all service users by respecting their right to independence, dignity, privacy, fulfilment, values and beliefs. All services are offered to each individual in a way that promotes independence and increases opportunity for now and for the future. Eagles Recruitment and healthcare is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) an executive non-departmental public body that regulates all health and social care services and ensures the quality and safety of the care we provide.

Our Staff

We ensure that our staff are professional via the recruitment process, any staff whom were deemed to be unreliable would not maintain a position with ERH. We have a strict recruitment policy and training procedures which we follow.

We aim to ensure that all employees are in possession of the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perform their job to a satisfactory standard. We treat all staff equally despite their beliefs, gender and race.

We aim to provide a work environment in which each individual’s contribution is recognised. ERH appreciates all employees and we will ensure they receive compliments from the organisation appreciating their good work or strength.